Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wizznic! 0.9.1 Released

I've released version 0.9.1 of Wizznic! which features some minor polish, and a more sane level-ordering (I hope), this also fixes a crashbug that could happen when entering highscore (I hope).

For this release, I've also created a facebook group called "Wizznic" go join! ;)

Get the game for Linux/Windows/Wiz here on sourceforge

Here's the changelog in all it's glory.
  • Changed Wiz default clock to 500 mhz instead of 400 to improve performance.
  • When completing a pack, PACKNAME/finished.png is loaded and shown instead of wall-o-text.
  • However, another wall-o-text is shown if there is no finished.png in the pack.
  • Moved some levels around, removed some levels. 80 levels total.
  • Added optional WxH argument to tools/ to generate images of given size,
  • while not useful in the game, they are useful for sorting levels (using an image-viewing app to browse them)
  • "Commercial" for the pack function. in the start of some levels.
  • Level editor now reads and writes all level properties, including optional ones.
  • Updated readme.
  • Updated data/empty.wzp so it contains all level properties, and comments explaining their function and usage.
  • Added another intro level to teleports, added intro-images to those levels.
  • Updated the cursor in the NES pack.
  • Removed "template" pack, it does nothing that the main pack does not show allready.
  • Fixed music changing in intermediate screens ("Level Stats" and "Entering Level").
  • Fixed crash that could happen when entering highscores.
  • Updated ports list (gee, someone ported it to a phone, neat..)
  • Updated changelog and decided to use X.Y.Z versioning.
  • Program now calls SDL_Quit() on exit (resets screen-resolution if in fullscreen)
  • tools/ now generates the src package witout src-graphics, instead it generates a srcgfx tarball seperately.
  • moved the unused theme graphics into src graphics..

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