Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wizznic 0.9 Released

So, I've released a new version of my game Wizznic, which is most awesome! ;)
This version comes with a load of new levels, and a fair amount of music! :D
This version also builds on the previous success with getting feedback from the players (all 3), so I've included functionality that sends back stats about the difficulty that you're having with each levels (it sends back the time you used, and how many times you restart/die in each level), this info lets me decide which levels are too easy, and which are too hard.. But the functionality can be disabled when the game start if you don't want it. (but please don't, I need the info..)

Get it at:

Changelog for 0.9_feedback_edition:
  • Fixed a bug where teleport strings could get too long and sometimes crash the game.
  • Added cheat.
  • Time spent solving level was reset when player used retry.
  • Using cURL(windows) and wget(*nix), wizznic will now upload level-statistics: The game asks you to accept (Ctrl) or disable the function (Alt) on first start, it can also be enabled/disabled from options menu. The info is sent to: and contains the following fields: version, pack, level, score, moves, time, and action (which can be either "check", "restart", "complete", "gameover" or "lost-life") This information will be very helpful to order the levels.
  • Script to move levels around. ( tools/ (works on .))
  • It's no longer possible to place a "reserved" brick from the editor (the "reserved" type is used internally)
  • The cursor can now be changed from level-files with cursor=cursorname.png (relative to packname/themes/cursors/)
  • Default cursor should now be PACKNAME/themes/cursors/cursor.png, but the game will still fall back on PACKNAME/cursor.png
  • 75 levels (around 60 new!).
  • Added new Teleport sound.
  • Particle effect on teleport
  • Added direction-switching delay to horizontal mover, solves bug that brick
  • cant be dropped of a mover with a travel distance of only 2 spaces.
  • Adjusted direction-switching delay to 500 ms instead of 300
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