Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wizznic update

So, I've been busy with real life, and being sick..
But yesterday I did manage to squeeze a few lines of code into Wizznic! :)
While collecting energypoints for the big endeavor of creating more real game content, I decided to implement some transitions into Wizznic, I think they turned out rather nice for a first try.

I have also converted from a Dark and Damp Debian Zealot (DDDZ) to a Happy and Fluffy Arch Linux User (HFALU), and was surprised at how nice the AUR is, some awesome person out there already made an AUR package for Wizznic! (Check that out, here), however, I pondered, and decided to make another package aswell, not as a replacement for the existing one, but an alternative, see, the package I made, is not a stable, or officially "released" wizznic, it is instead, the latest and greatest code, directly from github.
I really do try my best never to push breaking code (jenkins will at least scream at me for making uncompiling code). And I believe that if you like to be updated, then my package is for you:
Without further ado: The Wizznic-git AUR package!

I made a little video, showing the complete build and installation process, and my fancy new transitions too.
How awesome is that? Pretty awesome I'd say ;)

You can, ofcause, also grab prebuild binaries for Linux, Windows and Wiz over at the jenkins buildserver.

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