Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wizznic 1.0 preview and build stuff

Finished mouse-support in the Level-Editor.
Got distracted and wanted to push some pixels around so I had some fun with the "waveImg" function, if you feed it two additional pictures, an "overlay" and a "mask", it will, for every visible pixel in the picture to wave, check the same position on the mask picture for a pixel with a GREEN component of 0 (yep, I'm that weird, black colour works nicely), if a green value of 0 is found, it will read the colour from another (moving around the X and Y axis) position on the overlay image.

Anyway, this video shows the intro, and editing/playing a level, all using the mouse/potential touchscreen.

Oh, and I've linked the Wizznic Github project with my jenkins buildserver at that means that every time I put a change to the main branch, the following packages are built:
  • Wizznic for Linux (32 and 64 bit)
  • Wizznic for Windows (32 bit, also works on 64 bit and in WINE)
  • Wizznic for Gp2X Wiz
  • Wizznic Source code package (for people with no GIT)
These releases are not tested automatically, and not all platforms can be expected to be tested, therefore these can not be considered 100% stable, however I am making an effort that all builds are working, if you are eagerly waiting for 1.0 or if you are interested in the progress of Wizznic, these are for you.
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