Monday, January 23, 2012

More Wizznic :P

Been hacking a bit more on Wizznic, finding the "angle of least change" in order
to turn the text/arrow keys based menus into something that also works with a mouse-pointer..
I made a nasty hack that I quite like, and that I suggest you think about twice before doing..
Every time I call my "txtWrite" function, that function will now update an internal variable containing the "box" size of the text..
So, right after a call to txtWrite, if I do getTxtBox, I get a pointer to this rectangle.
txtWrite("Some text", some, position);
if ( isBoxClicked( getTxtBox() ) ) { //Box was clicked }

In other news, I was briefly hospitalized this thursday, and thus, wasted a weekend of coding, so wizznic release date is pushed a week, meaning there's also a slim chance my gfx guy have the time he needs to finish another theme :)
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