Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Wizznic! hacking! :D

I've been giving Wizznic some attention lately, and gotten some nice things done, I feel sharp :)
I added a little cursor inside the cursor to give the user a better feel of where the actual cursor is, it feels right :)
I fixed a long standing bug that made the cursor sometimes "jump" around when moving a brick with a brick on top of it, this happened because I have this lock mechanism, but I forgot to "unlock" the bricks after un-grabbing them :P

I also rearranged the way levels load graphics, walls are one part, "brick die" animations is one part, and the rest of the tiles are one part. This means that for example, die-animations are no longer dependant on the name of the tileset, walls are no longer dependant on the name of the tileset. This makes it possible to have several wall-sets in (or tile-sets, or die-animations or any combination hereof) in a theme.

I also solved an issue that have annoyed me for quite a while, that the "magnet/glue and one-way only" tiles were not treated as walls, even though they are basically that.. Now they are, which makes the wall-tile-selection a lot prettier to look at visually, they are also overlaid on top of the walls, making reuse easier (but optional).

I also noticed that some players had trouble detecting (yes, people are machines) the edges of the walls, making them believe that sometimes they were able to move bricks, even though there were a wall there, other times they would not move bricks to obvious places, because they believed that there was a wall (when, in fact, there was none). I have partly solved this by making the edges of the walls a little brighter. In addition, I am thinking about adding some more details to the inside of the wall tiles, tough at this moment I don't know what it would be, maybe my graphics guy have an idea and will do this? :D

And here's a little video showing those new cool things, the code is not on github yet, I still need to convert all the levels..

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