Sunday, December 16, 2012

LD25 - killCity postmortem

So, I just finished (gave up) my first LudumDare 48 hour compo run (create a game in 48 hours, solo).
I used my pre-made game-engine (called Excessive Overkill), but had to hack quite a lot on it in order to actually make a game (I've only ever used it for one game, more than a year ago).

The game and objective?

My game is a reverse missile-command, you're trying to destroy the villages, because you are the villain!
You target your satellites by clicking on a satellite, then click on a village.
When all your satellites are aimed at a target, you FIRE FIRE FIRE!
yes.. the game sucks.

What went right:
  • More or less functional game.
  • I found something that was kind of related to the theme.
  • I got it to build and run on Linux/Windows.
  • It's not randomly crashing..

What went wrong:
  • The mechanics are lame, and not that fun, given more time, I might have been able to extrapolate my initial idea into something better.
  • I overslept and had a cold which took the edge off of my concentration, and I decided to just hack.

What to improve:
  •   Next time I'll try and have the engine in better condition, that's the main limit, but I do want to use my own engine, that's half the fun. 

Oh, and one more thing:
Something wonderful happens when you destroy all the villages, but I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.

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