Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wizznic work

Work continues slowly on Wizznic, All aspects of the game can now be controlled using the mouse, or a touch-screen, this really makes sense on the Wiz console, PC and other consoles too. That is, except the level-editor, but I might start hacking on this soon.

In less geeky news, the level-editor got a facelift thanks to my secret graphics guru with whom I spend an evening talking about graphics and wathing the magic happen.
 I'm very satisfied with this new design as it is very specific to the editor and helps the interface a great deal.

Other changes include a new "back" button for when mouse is used, and the ability to use all features on the high-score entry screen using the mouse/touchscreen.

Before Wizznic 1.0 we will create two completely new themes, each for it's own pack, thus, two completely new packs! That is 40 new puzzles, leaving the mainline puzzle set at 80 puzzles.

However, before doing that, we will sit down and play through the entire game, this should allow us to come up with some really evil puzzles for the later levels ;)

Anyway, just wanted to say, in this in-browser, Object Oriented, Accelerated, flashy, highres, 3D world, that little pixel pushing Wizznic is not dead!
I'm eager to finish this, and hopefully start working on the next big thing, johnny, which is secret, shh!
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