Wednesday, April 4, 2012


So, seems I messed up sligthly with git, using another computer, which had another email address and name configured globally for git.. I'm OCD with stuff like that, so I rewrote history, sadly breaking any forks out there.. It's something you really have to think about when cloning a project... Ask yourself, "Do I want my global options in this, or set per-project options?" Anyway, I am sorry for breaking history..

I took the time to get osgg from svn on sourceforge into github.. It was nice..
I'm thinking about trying to hack multiplayer into it, everyone would start in the middle of the map on their own private start-base (no other ship should be able to land there), then race for missions, and shoot each other down in the process :)

I'm also thinking about another game concept that's so brilliant that I'll keep it a secret :P

Back to Wizznic: I'm still procastrating the annoying and unsatisfying task of making the options-menu, the level-editor-menu, the level-editor and the highscore-entry work with poiter devices.. I wanted the menu code to be as straight forward as possible, after being burned writing a 10k lines framework with all the bells and whistles, just to discover that I simply did not need, nor want such a beast.. But something in between.. The code for menues in wizznic is not abstract enough, which is also a bad thing, it makes for a LOT of redundant code, and a lot of things which evolved to a point where they now look rather silly.. But do I really want to change it now? I guess I don't.. Wizznic is nearing completion, code-wise, all that really needs is a few more packs of levels, and I'll call it finished :)
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