Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello World

Hi all, I'm Jimmy aka DusteD, a friend of mine, Qubodup was so kind as to create this blog for my games.
So I'll try and do my best to update it and maybe even provide some interesting reading (though I doubt that).

So, well, in case you are interested in knowing my life story (as a "game developer") here it is..
Male, born in Denmark in 1986.
I've always been a computer geek and I've always been facinated by games, being able to escape reality and enter a world of wonder and magic..
I was fortunate that my parents were not especially rich, so instead of plunging headless into a world of 3D and Windows, I had the priviledge of experiencing the whole home-computing revolution in slow motion..
My first computer was an Olivetti 8086, which I my dad got me in around '92.. On that I played Pac-Man, Sopwith and AlleyCat. The next machine I got was the Atari 2600, though, not the cool one with the wood-panel, it was bought used (I must have been around 8 years old, so this was in '94), and on this box-o-magic, I played Phoenix (still one of my favorite games), Jungle Hunt and Midnight Magic..
After this I used all my pocket money to buy a used C64 (still have it), and on this I played a lot around with all the many disks and tapes with games. It was also my first introduction to programming, however, being 11 years or so, I didn't have the english skills needed to understand the manual..
Finally, around 96 I got a PC, a Pentium 100 MHz with 16 MiB of RAM and 812 MiB of harddisk (when formatted with FAT32).. It ran Windows 95 and I played a lot of Red Alert, Doom, Duke3D, Quake and (after getting a 3dfx card) Quake2, and finally Aq2. On the 100 Mhz box I learnt myself to make maps for Duke3D using the map editor that came with the game, and I convinced myself that I wanted to be a "Mapper", all was fine untill I met WorldCraft and cut my teeth on 3D mapping, I made a few maps for AQ2 and decided that mapping was not for me.

Okay, long story short, I've played a lot of crappy old games, and I've learnt to love them :)
That's what got me interested in making games.. Old crappy games that were simple enough to understand, and simple enough that a few people in a basement could do them.. Only one problem, i haden't the slightest idea how to "make the computer machine do stuff", and with no internet it'd be a few years before I'd be able to learn it.

My life as a programmer started when I was around 15, with PHP (I had done a crude version of Tic Tac Toe in Qbasic two years earlier but that was more a bunch of Ifs than a game).
Nothing much happened, except for a few attempts at C that didn't go too well. That was, until 2007 after having learnt a bit of C for AVR 8bits in school, I decided to try and see if I could maybe make a simple game.. So I played around with C, SDL and OpenGL, and made Simplevaders, my first C program on the PC and also the first SDL and the first OpenGL program I wrote.. or copy-pasted together, more or less ;)
At this point, I'd been a GNU/Linux user for a few years, and had converted my dad to the OS aswell.. Only trouble with him running GNU/Linux was that his favorite game, DX-Ball didn't run well in Wine, and he didn't like lbreakout2, so I set out to make a replacement of DX-Ball for him.
After a few months of writing and learning, i had the first version of SDL-Ball, the code is crude and there are lots of design-flaws, memory leaks and bugs in it, but that's how I got started.

Sorry about the long wall of boring text, I'll try and make my next posts shorter and more organized.

In the future, expect my blog posts to be about ideas, thoughts and progreess on current projects (right now, that's wizznic).
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